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This wikia is about the mobile app, Land of Warlords. Here, members will help and respect others. Welcome!

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Helpful Links

Here are some links that you may find helpful :

Hero Table of Contents Click here to view a list of all the heroes in-game and access quick links to their pages

City Click here to access any features accessible from the City

Current Wonderful Events Click here to view the current Wonderful Events

Special Events

The first 2015 updates are coming. New heroes, new functions will be added. No doubt, you are playing the most interesting game in the world.

Updates are as follows:

1.Kingdom ceremony event will be added;

2.Tycoon's Love event will be added;

3.Husker(Epic Hero, Aokexiliya(Epic Hero), and Harbingery(Demigod) will be added in the Hero Shop. Wont show up in the Inn and Black Market before;

4.Four new Hero Achievements will be added;

5.Two new trials of starpath will be added;

6.War soul combine function will be added.

Update date is Jan.20 or Jan.21, so please stay tuned.

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