Ugh!! coding on wiki can be so annoying, confusing and frustrating.

I was really happy when I started the wiki, I was getting starting to get it going... then I realized I could only put in words, and no tables or anything.

This is a problem, because I am so used to editing with a ton of templates at my disposal... I tried to get the USERNAME template to work, but I honestly don't know whats wrong with it... So I went to the template wiki and read about an hour. That was no help, they expect you to know everything about templates already -_-# So right now I'm just YOLOing this, but I will get a more refined and clean wiki as soon as I get the templates to work. If anyone cares to educate me on how to use templates, give me a holler in the reply box below. Thanks for reading; Happy holidays

--UltimateAstal (talk) 04:39, December 20, 2014 (UTC)

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